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Since June 2020, I have been a jr. assistant professor at the Department of Electronic Warfare, Faculty of Military Sciences, National University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary). In parallel with my teaching duties, I also retained my previous expert duties.

I teach a variety of subjects on BSc, MSc, MA courses (both full-time and correspondence programs). Due to the peculiarities of our faculty, the main emphasis is on the basic training of military officer cadets and the higer education of military officers who serve in various organizational units of the Hungarian Defense Forces. Our Students include professional members of the law enforcement agencies, however many of our courses and trainings are open to civilian students as well.

Certain highly specialized subjects – due to their complexity – are taught by two professors. I also teach in other faculties of the University.

Courses I teach:

  • Electronic attack and defense
  • Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Information- and Cybersecurity
  • Planning and implementation of Information Security
  • Information Operations
  • Foundation of Information Operations
  • Operation of Complex Information Protection Systems
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Foundations of Cyber Defense
  • Risk Analysis, Risk Management
  • Technical data acquisition