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My name is Kristof Kralovanszky. I was born in Budapest Hungary.

I am information security and cyber-defense professional with solid medical industry / military background — a highly seasoned expert on medical IT systems, database-driven custom software packages, and various ERP systems. I have extensive experience in large, complex, high-availability security systems, and their corresponding national networks. All skills include proficiency in government and private systems.


2018-2019 – Certified Chief Information Security Officer

Certification is issued by the Government of Hungary through the National University of Public Service. This certification is the highest of its kind achievable outside of ISACA in Hungary and is essentially the equivalent of ISACA’s CISM.
It is a postgraduate 1 year (2 semesters) program, with a dissertation requirement and a complex final exam.
Finished with honors in January, 2019.

2017 –   Doctoral School of Military Engineering – National University of Public Service

Main field of research: Critical infrastructures and cyber warfare

2015-2017 – C3 (Command, Control and Communication) Defense Systems Design Engineer (MSc) – National University of Public Service, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training

Main fields of studies: Cyber/Electronic Warfare, C3 System Design, Information Security. Graduated with distinguished honors.

2001 – 2005 – Engineer, Security Technologies (BSc) – Zrinyi Miklos National Defense University

Main fields of studies: Security Technologies, Surveillance Systems, Security Systems Design


Successful projects
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2020-  While still performing the below CIO/CISO tasks, I was appointed as jr. assistant professor at the Department of Electronic Warfare, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training, National University of Public Service. I have courses on electronic warfare, cyber warfare and information operations.

2019-  CIO/CISO at a leading Hungarian teleradiology company – providing radiology and teleradiology services. Beyond daily operational routine, I was a key player together with the company’s legal team on GDPR and company-wide elevated data/information security implementation and preliminary ISO 27000 preparations. 

2019   Guest lecturer at the National University of Public Service, Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training. Subject: Information Security Design (MSc program)

2018–2019 Securing the flawless operation of the video surveillance and fence protection system on the Serbian-Hungarian state border (length: 171 km). Establishing the proper standards of operation and obtaining approval therefor from the Ministry of Interior and the National Police Command. As chief engineer, supervising all technical personnel in charge of operations.

2016-2017 – As chief engineer, installing and initiating the operation of the above video surveillance and fence vibration sensing system with all its interconnecting info-communications and information security systems. Complex supervision of test operations with full control and operations responsibility, both on the supplier and customer part (Commander of the Hungarian National Police and the Minister of Interior).

2012-2016 – CIO and chief security advisor at a leading Hungarian teleradiology company – providing CT/MRI/US/MG and other healthcare services for about 100.000 patients per year at various locations in Hungary. Designed the IT infrastructure and implement teleradiology systems for multiple sites, with integrating various medical IT systems into a complex framework.

Earlier and/or more complex references are available upon request.


  • Strategic management and planning 
  • Large scale project management
  • Efficient communication
  • Speaking the Board’s language
  • Strong conflict management
  • Effective incident management
  • Risk awareness and management
  • Solid team management